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A bunch of my friends have shared these kind words about me!
Hopefully this will help you understand a bit more about the kind of person I am.

Pictured: Jimmy taking Elliot on a Valentine's Day date

"I have only had the privilege of going on one date with Mr. Frantz. He is an adventurous gentleman, willing to dive into any surprise plans you may have concocted for the date. Trusting enough to enjoy the mystery, but with an eagerness to be involved so that he may help enhance the date in any way. Making for a truly memorable time."

-Jimmy Purcell

"The thing that's always struck me about Elliot is how much he loves to learn - and not just from books, but from hands-on experience. If you're the type who likes a quiet, regular routine with a small circle of friends, you probably wouldn't work well in a relationship with Elliot (though you might enjoy being friends with him!) But if you genuinely love having adventures, meeting lots of new people and searching for interesting and unique experiences, you and Elliot will get along great!"

- Janice Marcus

Pictured above: Elliot and Kirk exploring a secret LA jungle


-Kirk Garner

Pictured above: No Pants Subway Ride 2017

"We hang out in public without pants."

-Alex Watts

Pictured: Jessica and Elliot throwing hatchets

"Elliot is a kind and sincere man who knows how to be both spontaneous and disciplined. His apartment is clean, he has a job, he has real friends, and he makes time to be involved in people’s lives. Super cute, plans romantic dates, 10/10 would recommend."

-Jessica Carlman

"Ladies, is your life lacking whimsy and adventure (I KNOW you ladies love adventure, I've seen your Tinder profiles)?? Look no further! I can think of no classier individual who, apart from being a fantastic all-around person, would be a constant source of curiosity and intrigue in your life than Elliot. Hurry while supplies last!"

-Stephen Wolnisty

Pictured above: Elliot gathering supplies for a movie night

"The host we all wish we had."

-Tessa Komine

Pictured: Elliot and Wes at a hidden Tiki bar

"Elliot is a guy who you won't feel judged by. His interests are really broad, and he's willing to give almost anything a try, from the boring to the bizarre. Any time you spend with him will be an adventure."

-Wesley Peck 

Pictured: Elliot cooking dinner for Ben and other friends

"Cooks you dinner without needing sex."

-Ben Hatmaker

Pictured: Elliot reading a book to his friends

"Where there is Elliot, there is also adventure. What I love about him is that you don’t have to be doing something crazy for it to feel adventurous: Hanging out at home and making dinner can be just as much fun as exploring a new location. With Elliot, you’re always learning and never bored."

-Carly Owens 

Pictured: Elliot exploring a cave

"Will explore your cave."

-Joseph Ballas

Pictured: Elliot and his beard

"Elliot: If the beard doesn't get you, the erudition will!"

-Gideon Marcus

"Elliot is adventurous, warm and fun, but I think what truly sets him apart is his willingness to always better himself. I think it's part of his natural curiosity and love of learning. He's one to take accountability and grow. And I think that's a good trait for a partner."

-Dylan Standlea

Pictured: Elliot posting flyers

"This is one of the most 'you' thing I have ever seen. And I have described things other people have done as 'That is very Elliot Frantz of you. I know you don't know who that is, but I know who that is, so I need you to know that.'"

-Violeta Brodie

"The great thing about Elliot is that he's always down for an adventure, but he's also always down to relax at home. He'll laugh with you, have compassion when you need it, and share his interesting point of view. Truly a gem."

-John Wing